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“All disease begins in the gut,” Hippocrates said this over 2000 years ago and he was pretty spot on!

We can have the best diet in the world, however if our gut is not absorbing the nutrients from the food, then we are not going to have optimal health.  The state of your gut is often related to other symptoms you may have; such as headaches, muscle pain, tiredness or anxiety to mention just a few.

Perhaps this is happening to you?  You are doing all of the things, eating well, working out, however;
✓  You still have that niggling feeling?
✓ You’ve never felt right since?
✓ That weight won’t shift, no matter how much you try?

This is where I can assist you. Let’s have a comprehensive look and pinpoint what is going on. Our gut health along with our hormones, at various stages of life, have a significant impact on all areas of our lives, as does stress, physical & mental health.

In your consultation with me, we will assess not only what is going on for you now, but your previous health and any conditions you may have experienced, as these previous issues can have a major impact as to what is occurring right now for you.

Please book an appointment with me; let’s make a plan for you to reclaim your health.

BHSc Naturopathy

NHAA 156750

Vitae Mosaic Practioner

Lotus Holistic Health has an emphasis on holistic, client-focused approach to health and wellness. Not only including physical health but encompassing mental, emotional, functional, spiritual and social aspects; treating the whole person not only the system.

A blending of traditional and evidence-based natural medicine, along with dietary and lifestyle interventions, limiting toxic environmental exposure; promoting a clean environment in the diet and home.

In my clinic, I utilise food as medicine with dietary analysis, traditional herbal support in the forms of tinctures, teas or supplements as required, nutraceuticals and lifestyle support. Each client receives an individualised protocol and treatment plan; dependent upon individual health and requirements.

Practitioner only supplements and herbs, ensure that you are getting the cleanest herbal & nutritional supplements available. The latest evidence-based research backs them; I can see what if any excipients and the therapeutic dosage is assured.

Functional medicine is all-encompassing, I look for the cause, rather than only treating your symptoms. Your initial appointment with me will be a comprehensive one, allowing me to develop a time-line picture of your health. Covering pathophysiology, cellular biochemistry and systems biology. Familial health, any pathology, plus emotional health and lifestyle coaching will also be included.

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Adrenal imbalance

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Functional medicine asks how & why illness occurs & restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.
Mark Hyman M.D

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